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    19 Pictures Of Food That Will Honestly Calm You The Fuck Down

    It's the little things.

    1. The lattice on this freaking pie.

    This was done by pie artist Lauren Ko.

    2. This sandwich, which I'm still trying to figure out, tbh.


    3. The bottom layer of bubbles in this Diet Coke. MESMERIZING.

    AngelusArkadius / Via

    4. This perfect ice cream scoop.

    Elyuri / Via

    5. And this perfect ice cream cone.

    idoneredditalreadyy / Via

    6. And, while we're on the topic of ice cream, this perfectly smooth carton of vanilla.

    ArizonaWatermelon / Via

    7. Look at how perfectly that pepperoni fits inside that onion. FATE.

    Aznev / Via

    8. This waffle is so perfect, it almost looks fake. But it's real.

    nopantsgomez / Via

    9. Yup, this pancake is 100% real too.

    TheEverling / Via

    10. When do Reese's EVER come out of their wrappers so perfectly? Sorcery!!!

    Caratticus / Via

    11. This person managed to cut an orange in half without breaking the skin on any slices.

    RanchoScum / Via

    12. Just look at this perfectly peeled avocado.

    Abo95 / Via

    13. Imagine opening your yogurt to find something this pristine.

    copybookpizza10 / Via

    14. This Jell-O has 21 layers of meticulous perfection.

    ImmunosuppressivePip / Via

    15. Bless anyone who takes the time to put their carrots in rainbow order.

    nootnoot_pingu_noot / Via

    16. Same with anyone who does it to their eggs.

    Imaladyiswear / Via

    17. Um, there is PLASTIC WRAP on top of this cookie plate — you just can't see it because of how perfectly it was applied.

    YourTypicalAntihero / Via

    18. This bun is so perfect, it's borderline sexual.

    Dersch97 / Via

    19. And finally, whoever bagged this watermelon deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Juhlian / Via

    H/T to r/oddlysatisfying