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20 People Who Deserve A Nobel Prize In Food If That Exists

Hungry people are the smartest people.

1. Have you ever had someone who you just *knew* was gonna steal your fries? This menu has you covered.

2. Ever wanted a brownie but felt VERY particular about which section of the pan it was baked on? This bakery color codes their brownies by middle, edge, and corner. (Corners all the way.)

3. Ever gotten lost looking for something in a supermarket? This store puts a directory on every one of their shopping carts to make your trip efficient as hell.

4. Ever wondered when the heck your food's gonna come at a restaurant? This place drops a sand timer on your table after you order to give you an estimate.

5. Ever had to wait an eternity just to get some ketchup out of a bottle? This clever ketchup holder fixes that.

6. Ever wished the pepperonis on your pizza were distributed a little more evenly? This pizzeria SHREDS their pepperoni for a perfectly even smattering.

7. Ever struggled to reach the last few chips in a can of Pringles? This chip canister has a tab you can lift to bring the chips to the top.

8. And have you ever been frustrated by how far down you have to reach into a snack pouch? This bag is designed with a second, lower notch that you can tear away when you're almost done.

9. Ever had your spoon slip right into your bowl of soup? These specially-designed spoons have a notch to prevent that from happening.

10. Ever struggled to figure out which groceries you should put away first? This grocery store puts all the frozen items in a blue bag, so you know to prioritize it when you get home.

11. Ever struggled to keep your dirty spatula from touching the countertops? This clever spatula design solves that.

12. Ever wished you could toast your bread just a bit more? This toaster literally has a button called "a bit more."

13. Ever lost the damn cap to your milk jug? This handy bottle design is here to help.

14. Ever had ice cream dripping out the bottom of your cone? This shop puts a little marshmallow at the bottom of each cone to plug the hole.

15. Ever had a pitcher of beer that started to get warm? This pitcher has a separate compartment filled with ice to keep the beer nice and cold.

16. And have you ever nursed a cocktail at a bar and noticed how quickly the ice melts? This bar installed a frosted strip on their countertop so your drink always stays frigid.

17. Ever wished your daily coffee order was *slightly* less wasteful? This coffee shop replaced their plastic stirrers with uncooked fettuccine — much more compostable!

18. Ever had to wait for your bananas to brown up before you could make banana bread? This grocery store sells overripe bananas at a discount to prevent food waste — and each bag has a recipe for banana bread on it.

19. Ever been grossed out by how watery your iced coffee gets when the cubes melt? This coffee shop uses coffee ice cubes to stop that from happening.

20. And finally, ever wished you could just have the marshmallows from Lucky Charms? This grocery store has you covered.