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    Twitter Is Losing It Over The Swedish Ending To "Finding Dory" Because It's Actually That Shocking

    That was.......not what I was expecting.

    You've probably heard of Finding Dory — the adorable and wholesome Pixar movie about a forgetful fish.

    And you've probably also heard of Sweden — the Northern European nation that makes up part of Scandinavia.

    Well, as it turns out, when Sweden and Finding Dory come together, something TRULY WILD happens.

    Yes, the Swedish version of Finding Dory contains a rather shocking moment at the very end. Twitter user Luke Mathews uploaded a video of it, and it has gone insanely viral. PLEASE OBSERVE:

    The end of 'Finding Dory' on Sweden's Netflix is, by far, the greatest movie moment in cinema history.

    The clip starts out just like any other Pixar movie you've seen...

    And then...UM WAT.

    Now, in case you're wondering WTF is going on here, "slut" in this context is basically Swedish for "the end." Here's how the English version of Finding Dory ends:

    And here's how the Swedish version ends, one more time, because lol:

    In general, "slut" in Swedish refers to the ending of things. For example, a Swedish train's final destination is often referred to as the "slutstation."

    @Floppy_Ragdoll And our subway ends up at....

    Also worth noting: The Swedish "slut" is pronounced more like "sloot."

    But if you don't know any of that, it is pretty shocking to see the word "slut" randomly appear at the end of a children's movie. And people have been very amused by it — so far, the clip has amassed over 250,000 likes and 3 million views. Real mature, y'all!

    And that, my friends, is the end of this post. Or should I say...