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I Decided Which Disney Princesses Would Vote In 2018 And If You Disagree, Fight Me

When it comes to democracy, we can't LET IT GO.

Let me ask you a question of utmost importance: If the Disney princesses existed in America in 2018, which of them would VOTE?

I'd like to think that all of the princesses would be voters, because DEMOCRACY MATTERS! But unfortunately, I know that some of our beloved heroines are proooobably not doing their civic duty.

So I decided to compile a master list of which Disney princesses would β€” and would not β€” be registered to vote. These are just MY opinions, but I'm pretty comfortable stating that I am 100% correct here. And if you disagree, let me know in the comments. K, let's do this!

1. Mulan: She's DEFINITELY registered to vote

2. Snow White: Not registered to vote :(

3. Belle: Absolutely, positively registered to vote

4. Cinderella: Probably registered to vote??

5. Ariel: Unfortunately, NOT registered to vote

6. Tiana: Registered to vote!!!

7. Jasmine: Very sorry but probably not registered to vote :/

8. Pocahontas: 100% registered to vote

9. Merida: Not registered to vote...YET

10. Rapunzel: Registered to vote for SURE

11. Aurora: Nope, not registered to vote πŸ‘Ž

12. Anna and Elsa: Even though they're not *technically* Disney princesses, I must point out that they are DEFINITELY both registered to vote!!!!

Sadly, the Disney princesses aren't ACTUALLY eligible to vote β€” but if you are, it's time for you to register. The 2018 midterm elections are fast approaching, and we want YOU to become a voter this year.

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