33 Moments Where Friends, Family, And Total Strangers Had Each Other's Backs In This Pandemic

    In case you need a reminder today.

    1. This family helped an elderly neighbor without internet access connect to their Wi-Fi so she could keep in touch with her children while in quarantine:

    2. This guy sat in a Walmart parking lot and passed out free rolls of toilet paper to senior citizens in need:

    3. This Boy Scout used his 3D printer to make "ear guards" that take pressure off of medical workers' ears while wearing face masks:

    4. This window washer found an awesome way to brighten the day of a kid in quarantine:

    5. This family passed out free bottles of hand sanitizer to the elderly:

    6. This grocery store set up special shopping hours just for medical workers to make sure they have a chance to get hard-to-find items like toilet paper:

    7. These folks came together on a neighborhood app to help some parents in need of a break:

    8. This landlord texted their residents letting them know that their April rent was waived:

    9. And this landlord even returned tenants' security deposits so they'd have some extra cash on hand in this difficult time:

    I just heard a story from a friend that her landlord is halving her rent for two months and giving her back the majority of her security deposit now to help bolster her and her roommate's incomes since they work in retail and food service. Honestly. This is how you fucking do it.

    10. This young man took bread out of his own grocery cart to help an older couple who couldn't find any:

    11. This restaurant made huge batches of free meals for school children and senior citizens:

    12. This grandmother accidentally dialed a wrong phone number and ended up making an isolation friend:

    13. This mom put her own health at risk to test a new COVID-19 vaccine for the rest of us:

    Today, Jennifer Haller, a healthy mother of two, became the first person in history to test a potential vaccine for COVID-19. We owe her and 44 other people stepping up for human trials a debt of gratitude – may their bravery save many lives.

    14. This 9-year-old offered his violin skills to cheer up anyone celebrating a birthday in quarantine:

    15. This family found a special way to wish their grandmother a happy 65th birthday from afar:

    16. This woman gave her elderly neighbor her number in case he needed anything, and they ended up becoming phone pals:

    I gave my elderly neighbour my phone number the other day telling him to call me if he needed anything. He called me for the first time today because he was lonely. We talked for 20 minutes. He said he'd call me again tomorrow. My heart is happy 😊 #FlattenTheCurve #Covid_19

    17. This office employee was forced to stay home due to the virus, and when they came back in to check on their pet fish, they found that someone had been feeding it and had even created a feeding log so that others could help out too:

    18. This 13-year-old offered to run errands for any neighbors who need to stay home:

    19. This man offered a great way to help truck drivers get lunch on the road, since most dining rooms are closed and trucks aren't allowed in drive-thrus:

    20. This person mowed their neighbor's lawn to show their appreciation for her hard work as a nurse, and the next day she put this sign out:

    21. This grocery store keeps a special stock of hard-to-find items in the back for their most vulnerable customers:

    22. This guy found a way to make grocery trips a little less stressful for everyone right now:

    23. This person put out free plants on their lawn for any lonely neighbors to take home:

    24. These medical workers taped photos of themselves to their chests so patients could feel a bit more comfortable while being treated:

    Medics, bruh. These medics taped photos of themselves smiling on their PPE so frightened patients can see a reassuring and friendly face during this Coronavirus Pandemic. Humanity.🌎❤️

    25. This teenager babysat for a struggling family and then helped them get back on their feet:

    My daughter went to babysit for a new client. Single mom. Almost no furniture. Water is turned off. Instead of leaving, my daughter said she'd watch the kids for free and texted me: "Dad, can we get her water turned on?" Yes, we can. I love that kid

    26. This London pub has an elderly regular who can't come by the bar anymore — so they surprised him by delivering a keg right to his door.

    27. This grocery store set up a table full of free toilet paper for customers over 65.

    28. This restaurant was forced to lay off its servers — but has been sending them weekly care packages with food from their kitchen.

    29. This woman took it upon herself to make sure kids in her community still had a lunch to eat, even without school:

    30. And this local 7-Eleven store did the same:

    31. This person turned their Little Free Library into a neighborhood food pantry for anyone in need:

    32. This roadside farm lets customers pay what they can for fresh eggs — and they recently found this note left on their stand:

    33. And finally, this convenience store cashier received a thank-you note from a little girl along with a little surprise:

    Remember, folks: We're in this mess together — let's get out of it together too.

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