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Chrissy Teigen Tweeted About Why Jim And Pam Are Totally Divorced Now And I Hate It

Thanks, I'm devastated.

My fellow Office fans, I have some bad news for you: Chrissy Teigen just claimed that Jim and Pam are 100% divorced now.

Yup. According to Chrissy, your favorite TV couple is officially done-zo.

It all started yesterday, when Chrissy asked her followers to vote on what they think happened to Jim and Pam after the show ended.

It has been 10 years since Jim and Pam got married. Do you think they are still together, separated, divorced or open marriage

Most people voted that the iconic couple was still together, but Chrissy wasn't buying it.

guys I’m loving your endless love optimism here but I didn’t ask what you HOPE for, I asked what you actually think!!

Eventually Chrissy relented and agreed that that they might still be together, but with one caveat: Jim's a total piece of shit now.

I think they’re together but Philly Jim likes a taste of the high life and bottle service with athletes and Pam still can’t figure out her phone so he never has to answer FaceTimes and he never gets caught

And if they are still together, Chrissy thinks Pam is very unhappy and making lots of crafts for Etsy.

Pam is unhappy but content with their income and children so she’s like whatever and draws things for Etsy like cozy home signs (wait is this me)

Chrissy also insists that the couple never actually moved to Austin like they planned to in the finale.

They never went to Austin. You know it and I know it. I talk about moving to Austin every other day and here I am. Not in Austin

And at the end of the day, Chrissy went back to her original theory: They're totally divorced. It's just statistics!

Actually you know what? Phyllis and Bob are def still together. Dwight and Angela still together. Michael and Holly definitely together. Mathematically (i got a C+) SOMEONE here has to be divorced. It’s Jim and Pam.

Here's me reading all of Chrissy's predictions:

PERSONALLY, I think Jim and Pam are still together and very much in love, although I might agree with Chrissy's theory that Austin didn't work out and they're back in Scranton these days.

But what do YOU think? Please share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you and goodbye.