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    Chrissy Teigen Lost Her Hamster And Hilariously Documented The Saga On Twitter

    "Operation Peanut Butter begins."

    This weekend, Chrissy Teigen shared a very important life update with the world.

    Luna and I bought a hamster today. Her name is peanut butter. John is not thrilled, which makes me love her more.

    And over the past few days, Chrissy and Peanut Butter have been through QUITE the journey together. First, there was the struggle of figuring out what to feed her.

    They told us we can feed her anything. My mom said “rice?” And they go “no, not rice”

    And how much to touch her.

    They also said “don’t really touch her for a week. Then touch her a lot or she’ll bite you” it’s very confusing, being a hamster mom

    And whether or not the hamster was, uh......okay.

    And so far, Chrissy has been a very devoted hamster mother.

    I feel like she doesn’t know how to drink out of her hamster drink thing. I keep showing her and i am starting to feel dumb

    (Despite the occasional setback.)

    welp the hamster got out. just what you all told me would happen

    She's also had to deal with an onslaught of hamster-mommy-shamers who did not like Peanut Butter's cage.

    I just bought her a two story glass condo with a hammock so please stop yelling at me

    All of this brings us to yesterday, when the REAL disaster struck: Peanut Butter had escaped again, and this time, she was nowhere to be found.

    Oh my fuckin g the hamster is gone again

    Twitter quickly came to the rescue with advice on how to get her back. It seemed like the best way to get Peanut Butter back was with...peanut butter.

    we are doing your peanut butter on a plate trick to find peanut butter. I swear to god if other critters come out of the woodwork for it, john will vomit and die

    Chrissy also had some choice words for the people criticizing her hamster-parenting:

    "you should have done your research before getting a living, breathing animal" well newsflash I had two whole babies I didn't research either

    honestly I researched hamsters more than I did with babies

    And when nighttime came, Chrissy was READY.

    alright u nocturnal Houdini. it’s nightime. operation peanut butter begins

    Her booby traps were set.

    Her security cameras were ON.

    I also put out nest cams on different peanut butter plates so really hoping this isn’t the one day my kids do something sketchy in their rooms

    And her stairs were sprinkled with flour to collect evidence.

    sprinkling flour on the stairs to get some tracks here

    She even asked the internet to keep their eyes peeled for Peanut Butter via a livestream:

    If I set up a camera live stream will u guys tweet me if u see her in the night

    And after 12 hours of searching, Peanut Butter was actually found!!!

    Chrissy was very pleased.

    Even if the hamster DID look kinda different than she remembered...are we sure she got the right one??

    I swear if you asked me to draw what she looked like I would have said she was solid white with a brown face. that’s how little we had her before she escaped.

    And while there are still some mysteries left to figure out...

    She’s all wet and I don’t know why. What was your day like, please tell me

    Overall, Peanut Butter is doing very well for herself now.

    YESSSSSS her fierce need for hydration taught her how to drink

    Chrissy also took the opportunity to assure the world that, yes, Peanut Butter was being properly cared for.

    thank you guys for all your help and tips, really. if you’re worried for her, please don’t be. I have all new stuff coming for her now that you’ve taught me so much. she is very loved, I promise.

    And in fact, they are incredibly bonded now.

    Maybe a little too bonded, TBH.

    we are sharing yogurt from the same spoon. i hate myself

    And that's pretty much that on that! Congrats on finding your hamster, Chrissy!!! Please do not get rabies from her.