Send Me Your Problems And I'll Fix Them In Front Of Thousands Of Internet Strangers

    I may live to regret this, but my DMs are fully open.

    Hey, YOU! Do you have a problem in your life that needs a little fixing?

    I'm not asking because I'm nosy (although, to be honest with you, I am kinda nosy). I'm asking because I want to help YOU fix your problems in a brand-new BuzzFeed advice column.

    Who the heck am I, you ask? My name's Stephen LaConte, I'm a writer here at BuzzFeed, and according to my friends and family, I'm pretty darn good at giving people advice!

    So if you've got a problem you want a random internet stranger to fix, all you have to do is slide into my DMs. Seriously! My inbox is wide open. I'm @StephenLC on Instagram:

    And I'm @StephenLC on Twitter, too! You can message me in either place — I'll be feverishly checking both.

    Whether you've got a ~sex dilemma~ that you don't want to talk to anyone IRL about...

    Or an obnoxious coworker who's constantly wreaking havoc on your 9-to-5 life...

    Or a crazy family situation that has you seriously stressed out...

    I want to help you with it all! So DM me your trickiest, stickiest problems, and you just might get featured on BuzzFeed. (We'll keep things anonymous, of course.)

    Again, you can find me on Instagram here and Twitter here.

    Oh, and a few important things before you write me:

    * Please be as specific as possible with your dilemma, but try to keep things concise! Five to eight sentences is good. Ideally, the whole message should be able to fit in a single screenshot!

    * We'll be screenshotting any DMs we want to feature, but we'll censor/remove any identifying information (usernames, photos, etc.).

    * Use fake names and change any identifying details in your story.

    * Note that I can't respond to every DM. You'll be notified if your problem is selected for the column, though!

    * Advice columns are only good for problems that don't pose an immediate risk to your health and safety. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at

    See ya in the DMs. Bye!