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Billie Eilish Lost A Bunch Of Followers For Posting Boobs On Instagram, And She Had The Perfect Response

One fan estimated she lost 100,000 followers after posting the nude drawings.

Billie Eilish has NO time for followers who can't handle some boobs.

Last night, the singer decided to do that viral Instagram challenge where followers tell you what photos they want to see. One fan asked her to share her lock screen, which was a painting of two nude women. Then, another fan asked her to share "a drawing you're really proud of," and Billie shared this page from her sketchbook:

Several small sketches nude women

Billie, who happens to be one of the most followed people on Instagram, immediately started losing followers because of the nude images — by one fan's estimate, she lost 100,000, going from 73 million to 72.9 million.

But rather than apologize or take down the images, Billie made it clear in a follow-up post that she wasn't about to lose any sleep over the followers she lost.

Billie speaking at an event and smiling

"LMFAOOO," she wrote on Instagram, alongside a screenshot showing her follower count dipping by 100K. "Y'all babies SMH."

Friendly reminder that the year is 2020 (almost 2021!!!) and there's absolutely nothing offensive or gross about nipples. Everyone's got 'em! Get over it! Goodbye.