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Beyoncé And Solange Went To A Missy Elliott Concert And The Picture Will Change You Forever

Three icons. One picture.

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But Queen Bey took a much-deserved break from diaper changing last night (she does that, right?), and went with her sister Solange for a little ~girls night out~. And where did they go, you might ask?

A freaking Missy Elliott concert!!! Here's an Instagram posted this morning by Solange:

Missy was performing at FYF Fest in Los Angeles — where, btw, Solange is also slated to appear.


And the picture Beyoncé, Solange, and Missy took together after the show is almost too much to handle. So I'm gonna have to give it to you one piece at a time...



Thank u to my good sis @solangeknowles u know how we do! #cancerseason!& my good sis 👑@Beyonce they always have sho…

And the internet is rightfully — yes — shook by it all.

Can't even come up with words to describe how SHOOK this picture makes me 😍

You imagine - 2 full verses from Missy, Solo singing the hooks - Beyoncé doing background harmonies and a bridge. W…

Someone even caught footage of Beyoncé dancing backstage:

Beyoncé dancing to @MissyElliott at @FYFFEST backstage (July 21).


Oh, and did I mention that Janet Jackson was at the concert, too?

Janet , Beyoncé , Solange , & Missy Elliott all in one room!!!!! I can't even imagine 😭