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18 Behind-The-Scenes Rules That Every "Bachelor" Contestant Is Required To Follow

You can't actually eat the food on the dates.

1. You are required to take an STD test before appearing on the show.

2. You must complete a thorough psychiatric evaluation before coming into the house.

3. Once you're cast on the show, you only have two to three weeks to get ready before the show starts shooting.

4. You must sign a contract agreeing to be filmed 24/7 — even by hidden cameras that you don't know are there.

5. You must refer to your experience on the show as a "journey," not a "process."

6. You cannot actually eat the food on your dates.

7. Everything you bring to the mansion must fit in two suitcases.

8. You are responsible for doing all your own cooking and cleaning while staying in the house.

9. There's a whole list of items that are banned from the house — including phones, laptops, tablets, and TVs.

10. You're not even allowed to READ inside the mansion — no magazines or books allowed.

11. You are only allowed to listen to music with a producer's permission.

12. There is no air conditioning allowed inside the mansion, because the sound would be picked up on microphones.

13. You are required to do your own hair and makeup for the duration of the show.

14. You must provide your own wardrobe for the show, which can cost many thousands of dollars. One former contestant even admitted to re-mortgaging her home to afford the clothing.

15. You are not allowed to date the show's producers while filming. Which might seem obvious...but some contestants have actually broken this rule!

16. If you're hoping to bathe, you might have to share your shower with another contestant.

17. You are not allowed to keep up with current events or watch the news.

18. And finally, you are only allowed to keep that expensive Neil Lane engagement ring if you stay together for at least two years.