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24 Grocery Stores That Are Straight-Up Living In The Future

Um, my grocery store needs ALL of these things.

1. This grocery store puts your frozen items in blue bags, so you know what to put away first when you get home.

2. This grocery store has air-conditioned, comfortable stalls to keep your dog locked up and safe while you shop.

3. This store's carts have an aisle directory on them, so you can find your food fast.

4. While this store's carts have an actual TABLET on them, where you can search for anything you need.

5. This grocery store has a meat vending machine outside, in case you need to pick something up after they've closed.

6. This grocery store has a bar in the middle of it, for any folks who are waiting for their friend or spouse to finish shopping.

7. This grocery store's bathroom lets you test the various brands of toilet paper they sell.

8. This supermarket has a second cart area in the back of the store, for those times you underestimate how much you need to buy.

9. This grocery store's carts have a magnifying glass attached to them, to help you read food labels more easily.

10. This grocery store offers a "free chilling service" that can make your wine cold in just five minutes.

11. This grocery store sells tubs filled with JUST the marshmallows from Lucky Charms.

12. This grocery store lets you pick your own mushrooms.

13. This grocery store gives out full strips of bacon as samples, and honestly I would like to shop there every single day.

14. This grocery store bundles up "cocktails to go" for that last-minute tailgate or pregame.

15. This grocery store has a machine that can dry out smartphones that have gotten wet.

16. This grocery store has a clever way of protecting people's privacy in the pharmacy section.

17. This grocery store's shelf price tags are ~digital~.

18. This grocery store gives out free fruit to kids.

19. This grocery store has a "banana color guide" to make sure you buy them at the perfect ripeness.

20. This grocery store has a clever system for making sure every cart is in working order.

21. This grocery store offers a check-out line without candy, to avoid any tantrums from kids.

22. This grocery store sells the "ugly" produce at a discount to prevent food waste.

23. This grocery store keeps the wait times short by guaranteeing that if you're fourth in line, your groceries are free.

24. And finally, this grocery store has a dedicated shelf for products you don't want anymore, to stop people from ditching their stuff in random aisles.