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Posted on Nov 25, 2017

22 Things You Do Every Day That Would've Made No Fucking Sense 50 Years Ago

Stealing music from the air.

Yesterday, a viral Reddit thread asked users, "What things do we do today that people 50 or 60 years ago would think are absolutely ridiculous?" The answers were pretty mind-blowing.

Here are some of the best:

1. "Calling someone's phone to ask them where they are."

Boogich / Getty Images

2. "Stealing music and movies from the air."


3. "Wearing ‘distressed’ (i.e. pre-ripped) clothing."


4. "Taking pictures of your food. It would be seen as a giant waste of film."

Villagemoon / Getty Images


5. "Walking around with no money in your pocket. Just this little plastic card."


6. "Charging your cigarette."


7. "Pouring water into bottles and selling them for a dollar or more each."

Mediaphotos / Getty Images

8. "Staring at a telephone for hours."


9. "Locking yourself in a room and trying to escape for fun."


10. "Having a TV that is flat and hangs on the wall."

Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

11. "Smoking outside the restaurant."


12. "Describing every single detail of your life, publicly, on a computer that fits in your pocket."


13. "Refraining from manned space exploration. Fifty years ago mankind was two years away from walking on the moon. They'd be appalled to realize that we just stopped after getting there."

Nasa / AFP / Getty Images

14. "Telecommuting jobs — having a 'virtual office' in your home."


15. "Driving to places less than half a mile away."


16. "The fact that I can get a plane ticket, read the news, and order food in 10 minutes through a small device while sitting on the toilet."

Vicheslav / Getty Images

17. "Throwing things away and getting a new one. Fifty years ago people would have fixed anything that had some sort of hope to be fixed."


18. "Being able to record TV shows, watch movies from home, skip ads, and pause live TV would be insane. It's something that we think as normal today but would be a crazy luxury back then."


19. "Sending your dog to 'doggy day care' so they can have fun."

Bigandt_photography / Getty Images

20. "Taking out loans to go to college."


21. "Having close friendships with people around the world, but never having spoken to your next-door neighbor."


22. "Just recently, 'Never accept rides from strangers, and never meet someone off the internet alone' was common sense. Now we call random strangers from the internet to give us rides."

Drazen_ / Getty Images

Note: Responses have been edited for clarity.

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