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Video Game Shotguns VS The Real Thing

How does the pump action of Counter Strike compare to the real thing? Stare down the barrel of a Remington 870 on this Games & Guns review to find out!

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Bird Shot

Bird shot is what most people think of when they think about shotgun ammo. Lots of tiny little pellets that spread out pretty wide at a distance. It's great for bird hunting (as the name implies) or clay shooting but not so great for self defense.


A slug is basically a giant bullet that fits down a shotgun barrel. It has a lot of stopping power and is used for hunting deer or other large game. It can also be used for self defense. It doesn't offer the kind of spread bird shot does so it requires a good deal more accuracy to use correctly.

Self Defense Shot

Most modern self defense shots combine slugs and buck shot (basically bird shot but with larger pellets). This provides the stopping power of a slug with the spread of buck shot. It's what I, and many others, use for home defense. It's likely what you'd use in a real life Counter Strike situation as well.

Counter Strike is actually pretty realistic

In Counter Strike it appears the shotgun is employing some kind of buck shot which is pretty common for tactical situations. It also looks like the spread is pretty realistic. That's actually pretty admirable given the ridiculous way most movies & games depict shotguns mowing down a wide area with one shot.

Good job Counter Strike!

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