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    • stephaniew91

      ive never understood, why people think it is ok to touch someone, without their consent. it does not matter what the person is wearing, or saying, or doing. seriously there should be at least the 10 foot rule, and if i let you in a foot of me, it still does not mean you get to touch, or feel or shove your dick in me. i dont understand how someone could even use the execuse of “she was asking for it, by dancing with me” or “look at whats shes wearing, what a whore” where in any of those words does it say its ok to force yourself onto another human being and rape them? it does not matter if a woman is naked, and doing sexual things to herself in the middle of the street, IT IS STILL NOT OK TO TOUCH HER WITH OUT HER CONSENT, AND EVEN THEN, IF SHE SAYS STOP, OR NO, THEN YOU STOP WHAT YOUR DOING. IT ENDS RIGHT THERE. (and this goes to girls/women, who rape too, not just boys/men who rape.)

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