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15 Packing Tips For Camping Outdoors

Not all of us are naturally comfortable outdoors, but here's a few tips on how to make sure you're prepared for a good time!

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Pack Solar Lights

Solar Lights can often be inexpensive to purchase and there's no electricity required! Set them by the entrance of your tent or as a make-shift centerpiece during the day, and they will light your way at night.

Pack Spices / Via

What turns campfire food from bland to grand? Well, spices of course. But don't boggle yourself down by packing all the individual bottles. Instead, store a sampling of spices in easy-to-travel containers, such as the tic-tac containers shown above. Pill boxes are also effective if you don't have a bunch of empty tic-tac containers lying around. Just make sure to label the spices! You don't want to reach for cayenne instead of cinnamon!

Campfire Coffee


For those people (myself included) who can't imagine a morning without their sacred cup of coffee, all you need is coffee grounds, coffee filters, and unflavored floss (unless you're craving mint coffee). Tie up the grounds in a coffee filter with the floss, and you have a make-shift tea bag. Brew in hot water until the desired strength.

Sleep Soundly


Use interlocking foam floor tiles to soften the floor under your sleeping bag or prevent any sticks or rocks from poking your air bed. A yoga mat also works well should you have one lying around.

Hang Around


Use a hanging organizer (often sold for shoe storage) to keep cooking utensils and cleaning tools handy and off the ground. Hang them from a tree while you're enjoying the great outdoors, and then just roll it up and tuck it away when done!

Beef up your Breakfast


Granola bars are dandy, but Breakfast Burritos are much more likely to serve you the protein you need to explore the wilderness around you. Whip up the ingredients and pack the burritos before you leave, wrapping them tight in tin foil and keeping them in a safe location in the cooler. Pop them on the fire and enjoy!

Speaking of Breakfast...


If burritos aren't your thing, or you're looking to do something different Day 2, eggs are great for cooking over an open fire. Using a griddle or makeshift pan, prep some scrambled eggs ahead of time in an air-tight container and dispense onto the cooking surface as needed.

Step Up Your S'mores Game


While the classic s'more- toasted marshmallow sandwiched between chocolate and graham crackers- still reigns supreme, there are plenty of ways to switch it up from the old classic. Sugar cones packed with marshmallows and candies turn into cone-shaped pieces of heaven after wrapped in tin-foil and heated on the fire. Or, keep it simple and switch out the chocolate bar from the classic s'more with a Reese's cup or a York peppermint patty. The opportunities are endless!

Bump up the Tunes!

Okay, so iPhone's aren't exactly nature-friendly. However, if you want to jam out to some tunes by the fire, popping your phone into an EMPTY, DRY drinking cup will help resonate the sound and bump up the volume.

Pack Wisely


Pack as lightly as you can when camping, but do so wisely. The days in the summer may be hot, but the nights can get cold fast. Bring warm clothes, and an extra pair of socks and gloves just in case. Hats, jackets, and good hiking boots are also items you should strongly consider.

Most Importantly? Have Fun.


Camping can be a great time with family and friends. Planning is an important aspect of camping, but don't freak out if something doesn't go to plan or the weather takes a turn. Try to be prepared and just enjoy the great outdoors!

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