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This Dad Just Shut It Down By Videobombing His Daughters Dancing

Stand aside, girls.

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Mike Jones, from Smithville, was caught on camera goofing around with his two daughters, Cheyanne and Alyssa.

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The video, which was posted last week to Facebook, has since been viewed a staggering 17 million times.

Smith told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that his 10 and 12-year-old daughters do this kind of stuff "all the time."

"I heard them and peeked out and saw my mother recording and came in behind them," he said. "We watched it and said it would be funny to share this for friends and family, but now it's funny for people all over the world."


"Daddy!!!" they yell.

Smith told the newspaper that his daughters at first were mad their video was ruined, but are now excited about their viral fame. Jones even appeared in a local radio show's video.

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"I always jump in their videos, but once we posted it and their friends starting messaging them saying they saw them on the internet, now it's the greatest thing in the world," Jones told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal.