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This Couple's Wedding Cake Is A Superhero Cake In Disguise

Traditional meets AWESOME.

When newlyweds Kia and Billy Bunning were discussing their cake for their Aug. 14 wedding, they realized they would need a compromise. Kia wanted a traditional cake, but Billy wanted to feature his love of superheroes.

But thanks to some help from cake designer Julie Baker both Kia and Billy got what they wanted.

Facebook: BakerscupcakesUK

Baker, the owner of the Tier by Tier bakery, created a "two-faced" cake for the couple. In the front, it looked like a traditional, elegant wedding cake...

But in the back, it featured a variety of comic book characters. In fact, the cake mixes Marvel and D.C. heroes, featuring a top tier devoted to Captain America, while Spider-Man, Batman, and Iron Man complete the delicious lower layers.

Kia told BuzzFeed News that they thought the "two-faced" cake would be a great surprise for their guests at the wedding, but the final product was actually a surprise for them as well.

"We didn't actually see the cake until we arrived at our reception venue- I was keen to get into the suite to see it before our guests did," she said. "Julia had done such a fantastic job and we were completely overwhelmed by how brilliant it looked."

She added that she and her new husband were thrilled with the finished product.

"From most angles of the room the cake looked like a traditional wedding cake," she said. "Just what we had wanted. It wasn't until the cake was moved for us to cut that our guests realized there was a hidden extra. Some didn't even realize until the photos went online after the wedding as they were standing on the other side of the cake as we cut it."

The cake began to spread across the web last week when it was shared by the "Life of Dad" Facebook page. The post received over 100,000 likes.

Facebook: lifeofdad

Now, Baker (the baker) said she is planning on creating more "double-take" cakes for people who want a fun spin on their wedding or other event.

"I am overjoyed and slightly overwhelmed at how popular the cake has become, I would never have thought it would go viral so quickly," she told BuzzFeed News. "I am excited at the opportunities it has given me, and I can't wait to start on the next few designs."