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This Baby Got Really Confused When He Was Babysat By His Dad's Twin

Are you my daddy?

This is Stephen Ratpojanakul, his wife Carroll, and their 16-month-old son Reed from New York.

The couple is unique in that they each have a twin.

In fact, Stephen Ratpojanakul told BuzzFeed News he met his future wife through his twin brother Michael's wife.

He said being twins is one of the first things he and his wife bonded over when they met.

"The fact that Carroll and I are both twins created an instant connection, even though neither of us ever expected to date another twin," he said. "The best part was that we both understood being a twin and never got jealous of how important our siblings were."

He added that both sets of twins think they are identical, though they have never had DNA tests to confirm it.

Last week, Michael Ratpojanakul and his wife babysat Reed at their apartment. When Stephen Ratpojanakul and his wife came to pick Reed up, the baby kept getting confused as to who was really his dad.

"Reed isn't used to me wearing glasses, and in his confusion he kept reaching back and forth between me and Michael," Stephen Ratpojanakul said.

The family thought it was hilarious, so they decided to catch Reed's reaction on camera. The result is seriously adorable.

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At first, Reed reached for Stephen Ratpojanakul (in the gray), calling out, "Dada!"

But when Michael Ratpojanakul took off his glasses, Reed was seriously confused. "Dada," he said, pointing at his uncle.

Every time they passed Reed back and forth, he kept calling the other man "dada." Eventually they couldn't take it anymore and cracked up.

The proud dad said he decided to post the video to Facebook because he thought his friends would get a kick out of it. It has since been viewed a staggering 8 million times.

Facebook: video.php

Ratpojanakul said he had no idea that the video would become so popular.

"A lot of commenters have said things like 'he's so confused' and 'poor baby,' but I promise Reed was having fun—he's the happiest baby I've ever seen," he said.

He said it has been "fascinating" to watch the video travel to places as far away as Malaysia, and he is even learning new things about different countries from the commenters.

"We learned that '555' means 'hahaha' in Thai slang because of how the number five is pronounced," he said. "Lots of commenters in Malaysia said that the video was a cute way to kick off the Lunar New Year."

He added: "It's a silly video, but it's great knowing that it provided a quick laugh to people from all different backgrounds."

So, will they repeat the experiment with Reed's mom and her twin? Ratpojanakul said they have tried it before, but Reed passed with "flying colors."

"No matter how identical they are, a baby always knows his mama," he said.