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This Woman Went Makeup-Free On Tinder To See How Guys Would Respond

Alexa Mitchell conducted an experiment to see how many matches she would get by posting a makeup-free selfie vs. a retouched selfie.

This is Alexa Mitchell, a beauty vlogger from New Mexico.

Recently, the 22-year-old decided to do an experiment on Tinder. She told BuzzFeed News she was curious how many matches she would score on the dating app if she posted a makeup-free selfie, as opposed to a picture she had retouched.

She says she started by posting three completely natural selfies to her Tinder profile.

Alexa Mitchell / Via

Then she swiped right 100 times, meaning she told 100 men she was interested in matching with them.

Alexa Mitchell / Via

After five hours, she said, she received 16 matches off her natural pictures.

Alexa Mitchell / Via

Then, Mitchell retouched her same three pictures using the app Relook.

Alexa Mitchell / Via

She then repeated her experiment, but this time she said she received about 73 matches. "The edited pictures caused a much more enthusiastic response than my natural head shots did," she said.

Mitchell said she actually expected to receive fewer than 16 matches on her non-makeup pictures, so she was surprised to be matched with so many men.

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