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    This Ice Cream Bar Helps To Cure Your Hangover

    I mean, it's at least worth a try, right?

    A chain of convenience stores in South Korea is selling an ice cream bar that promises to help fight your hangover as you enjoy the treat.

    Kim Hong-ji / Reuters

    The Gyeondyo-bar is a grapefruit-flavored treat that contains Japanese raisin tree fruit juice, Reuters reported.

    The fruit of the tree has been shown in one study to improve hangovers in rats, Yahoo News reported. It has also been used as a hangover cure in Asia for hundreds of years.

    The bar's name translates to "hang in there," Reuters reported.

    "[The name] expresses the hardships of employees who have to suffer a working day after heavy drinking, as well as to provide comfort to those who have to come to work early after frequent nights of drinking," the store, Withme FS, said in a statement provided to Reuters.

    South Koreans consume the most alcohol in all of Asia, making hangover cures a big business, Reuters reported.

    Kim Hong-ji / Reuters

    These include hangover soup and a drink called Hut-gae Condition.

    Hey, it's worth a shot, right?