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This Cockatoo Does A Spot-On Impression Of A Fighting Couple

Luckily, Peaches is no longer with her bickering former owners and is in a happy home.

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Peaches the cockatoo apparently picked up some not-so-great habits while living with a bickering couple — and the result is uncanny.

Elaine Sigmon / Via

According to her owner, Peaches often launches into a tirade that seems to be an imitation of a fight between her former owners.

She’s even got the head bob for emphasis down.

Elaine Sigmon / Via

Luckily, Peaches is no longer with the owners she is imitating and has been adopted by a loving family.

Her owner, Elaine Sigmon, posted on Facebook that Peaches is now surrounded by a lot of toys, love, and attention from her grandchildren.

"(She) has brought so much joy to our family," Sigmon wrote.

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