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A Photographer Captured The Moment A Couple Met Their Adopted Baby For The First Time

The photos of Sarah and David Olson meeting their new daughter for the first time have gone viral on Facebook.

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After months of trying to conceive a third child, the couple began to explore adoption about a year ago.

Sarah Olson

"The more we discussed and prayed about it, the more we felt confirmed that adoption was how we were to complete our family," David Olson told BuzzFeed News.


"There was and is no different connection and love for our daughter as there is for our sons when we first laid eyes on them," Olson said. "That is the love we felt for this little baby. That is the power of adoption."


Olson said he wants adoptive families to know that adoption is an "emotional journey," but worth it.

Kristen Anne Photography

"Be ready at all times to open your arms to a child that may be the one that joins his or her forever family," he said. "Whatever the rollercoaster or situation may be, it is completely worth it."

He also wants to let the birth mothers of adopted children know how "honored, respected, and loved you are."

Kristen Anne Photography

"It is our hope that through these pictures and our story that birth mothers might find peace in their decision," he said.