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Millions Of People Are Obsessed With This Video Of A Mom Getting Her 4 Kids Ready

Super mom to the max.

A mom from Canada is inspiring millions after she posted a video of herself getting her four rambunctious toddlers dressed.

Corrie-Lynn Whyte of Ontario is the mom of 2-year-old Emily and 8-month-old triplets Olivia, Jackson, and Levi, her partner Dan Gibson told BuzzFeed News.

Gibson said he was shocked when Whyte told him they had conceived triplets naturally and were about to go from a family of three to a family of six.

"I did not believe her, I thought she was pulling my leg," he said, adding that he almost "passed out" when he saw the ultrasound photos.

Their new, large family is completely amazing, Gibson said, but naturally is also "a lot of work."

"We can't believe we have triplets and naturally," he said.

After the family kept getting questions while out and about, the couple decided to create a blog called the The Baby Gang to share their stories with other parents.

"It has really allowed us to see how much fun and joy it has brought to people," he said of the blog.

On Thursday, Whyte posted a video to Facebook to give their blog readers a glimpse into what life with four squirmy toddlers is really like.

Facebook: video.php

The result is pretty incredible. Safe to say, Whyte is an expert kid-wrangler.

Go Mom, go!

Expert-level momming.

Finally, she gets them all dressed, but not without a few more wiggles.

Her skills were noticed by a ton of parents on Facebook, and the video has since been viewed a staggering 34 million times in three days. Many people commended Whyte on her serious skills.

The busy dad said that although he was scared at first of "never sleeping again" when he found out about the triplets, the experience so far has been incredible.

"It's just a really cool experience, it's been completely amazing," he said.

He added that he thinks his partner deserves all the credit, though he said she is very humble about what she has accomplished.

"Every mom is a super mom and I agree with her," he said.