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This Poor Shark Got Swept Up In A Storm And Ended Up In The Middle Of A Street

"We're going to need a bigger car."

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Emergency crews in north Queensland found the shark when patrolling flooded roads after Cyclone Debbie.

Twitter: @QldFES

The storm made landfall earlier this week and led to major flooding.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services shared the photos of the shark on Twitter, warning residents to stay out of the water after the storm.

"Think it's safe to go back in the water? Think again! A bull shark washed up in Ayr. Stay out of floodwater," the agency wrote.

The shark unfortunately died after being stranded, Sky News Australia reported.

The agency's photos soon went viral on Twitter. Some people felt bad for the poor little shark.

@QldFES that's actually really a rather sad end to a magnificent beautiful creature.


While others were like, GTFO shark!

@QldFES Poor Shark? WTF?? The only good bull shark is.... That is a freakin road!!! Get back in your hood Jaws!

And a lot of people made Sharknado jokes.

"Sharknado it's TRUE and it's NOW! We always knew!"

@QldFES Sharknado it's TRUE and it's NOW! We always knew! @acferrante @TaraReid @CassieScerbo @FSolibello #Sharknado #Sharknado5 @Syfy

In conclusion: "We're going to need a bigger car."

@QldFES @johnpocalypse we're going to need a bigger car

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