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Updated Sep 24, 2015

People Are Dressing Their Dogs Up As The Pope And It's Incredible

These pups are #blessed.

As you've probably heard, Pope Francis is currently on his first trip to the U.S.

Getty Images

The pope has already visited D.C., and will also go to New York and Philadelphia.

Some of the pope's fans are so excited for his trip, they are getting dressed up for the special occasion.

Since Pope Francis landed in the U.S., people have been dressing up their pups as #popedogs and posting the images on social media. It's exploding in popularity.

For good reason, obviously.

Just look at this adorable Pope John Paw-l.

And this Pup Francis.

This puppy pontiff is ready for his close-up.

As is this #holyhound.

This holy puppy isn't afraid to hang out with ordinary folk.

Squad goals.

This Philly pope dog even is channeling Rocky to get ready for the pope's big visit.

View this video on YouTube

Don't worry though, if you don't want to spring for a fancy costume, you can still have a papal pup if you get creative.

Or improvise with things you already have.

Stay #blessed, pope dogs.

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