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This 6-Year-Old Girl Can Do Her Makeup Better Than Most Of Us Could Ever Dream Of

I'm happy when I can do eyeliner right TBH.

A 6-year-old girl from Australia is making a huge splash on social media with her incredibly talented makeup skills that could blow any adult out of the water.

Bella-Rose, from Adelaide, is sharing her tutorials online with the help of her friend Emily Govan, a makeup artist who shares her work on Instagram and YouTube.

Govan, 22, told BuzzFeed News she has loved makeup since she was little and always knew she wanted to make it her career.

"I have loved makeup from such a young age and can even remember applying my mum's lipstick when I would play dress-up," she said.

After getting her cosmetology diploma, she began to follow more and more makeup artists online. She said she decided to share her work too, thinking, "If they can show what they love doing to the world why can't I?"

"As I gained more followers I became more passionate about makeup, from the way the products apply, to the formulations, everything about it, I love the transformation," she said.

Govan now shares her makeup tutorials and other videos with more than 180,000 Instagram followers and nearly 4,000 YouTube subscribers under the name Emily Louise. One of her biggest fans is Bella-Rose, who is the younger sister of Govan's close friend Danika.

"Bella has been around when I've filmed and applied makeup and is absolutely fascinated by it," Govan said. "Her mum has told me that she would walk into her room and she would be on the iPad watching my Instagram videos and YouTube tutorials."

In December, Govan and Danika decided to surprise Bella-Rose for her birthday and give her a day of "filming and makeup." But Govan said they were "blown away" by how good the little girl was at doing a tutorial.

"A little guidance was needed when it came to where the product went and why but she knew exactly how to hold the brush and only needed to be shown once," Govan said. "She is so sassy and knew how to work the camera — she even knows all of the social media lingo."

She added that she thinks Bella-Rose just picked up her skills on her own.

"She simply learnt from watching myself, her mum, sister, and beauty influencers," she said. "Just like kids watched Peppa pig, she watched makeup tutorials."

Since then, Govan has featured Bella-Rose a few more times on her page. Thousands of people have liked and commented on her videos.

Bella-Rose's most recent video, featuring her doing the highlighter challenge, was shared widely on Facebook. Many people said that the video was adorable.

Facebook: video.php

Some people criticized the video, though, saying Bella-Rose was too young for makeup. Govan said she thinks the haters are silly and that Bella-Rose is just having fun.

She added that they never expected her videos to be so popular, and she has been blown away by the response.

"We have had so much love from so many people which is fantastic to see because she is like any other kid," Govan said. "[She] loves to play with dolls, play outside, and color and paint but also loves makeup."

She said she loves to play with Bella-Rose and encouraging her to follow her passions.

"Danika and I love to spend time with her doing what she loves, and she doesn't wear makeup every day; it's a once every few months, little play day with her and as long as she loves doing it we won't hold her back," she said.