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This School Had To Get Rid Of A Statue Of A Saint Because...Just Take A Look

The ~controversy~ got so bad the school had to cover up the statue with a sheet.

Here is a statue that just got installed at an all-boys school in Adelaide, Australia. Just take a look.

Oh. Oh my. Why. Who did this???

You wouldn't think it could get worse, but check it out from this angle. OMFG. This is NSFW.

Blackfriars Priory School forced to cover up a brand new statue after its unfortunate design of a kneeling boy and… https://t.co/tGGIncErv4

Of course this went viral. Is that even a question?

When you should have got Michelangelo to sculpt your school statue... #Adelaide

It was relentless.

Priest 1: "Look, the Catholic Church has had a lot of bad press recently. Why don't we commission a statue of that… https://t.co/104ygdUb9x

The jokes were biting.

My compliments to the sculptor of this statue, made for a Catholic school... it shows exactly what is going on in t… https://t.co/lUQ608ARAx

The ~controversy~ finally forced the school to cover up the statue with a black sheet. Sad!

The current state of affairs at Blackfriars after its unfortunate statue caused controversy. #7News

The school's principal, Simon Cobiac, said in a statement that adminstrators didn't realize the statue looked "potentially suggestive" in 3D until it arrived at the school.


"The two-dimensional concept plans for the statue were viewed and approved by the executive team in May, but upon arrival, the three-dimensional statue was deemed by the executive to be potentially suggestive," he said.

The school is now commissioning a local artist to redesign it.

"The school apologizes for any concerns and publicity generated by this matter and is taking action to substantially alter the statue," he added.

Anyway, that's that.

I’m not sure what’s more symbolic, the fact that a catholic college put up a statue inadvertently highlighting sexu… https://t.co/V6A5Ls6nIP