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Everyone Is Calling Jamie Foxx's National Anthem Performance The Worst One Of All Time


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But the real pain came when Jamie Foxx sang the National Anthem before the opening bell.

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Needless to say, he is taking hits on Twitter. Some people were confused...

Vocally Jamie Foxx wasn't bad but I'm confused why it sounded like church

Think they were both thrown and confused by what JamieFoxx did #PacquiaoMayweather

Still confused why jamie foxx sang the national anthem dude beyoncé's just right there


Some said he wrecked the National Anthem.

Hey how come no one arrests Jamie Foxx for his anthem?

When you hear Jamie Foxx sing the National Anthem

Oprah watching Jamie Foxx DESTROY our National Anthem. #MayPac

Still others said Foxx vs. the Anthem was the real drama of the night.

The real fight was between Jamie Foxx and the national anthem


Some people said he wasn't that bad though.

Only caught half of it but thought Jamie Foxx did a good job with the Star-Spangled Banner. People will complain about any old bollocks

But don't worry too much about him, he still had a good time with Justin Bieber.