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This Alabama/Auburn Couple Turned Their Wedding Into A Mini "Iron Bowl"

This is what happens when an Auburn drum major marries an Alabama majorette.

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Newlyweds Courtney and Nick Smith are the "Romeo and Juliet" of Alabama college football. He was a drum major at Auburn University, while she was a majorette at the University of Alabama.

Despite being from different sides of one of college football's biggest rivalries, the pair met and became friends in 2009.

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They began dating in 2013, Courtney Smith told BuzzFeed News. However, they still sat on opposite ends of the stadium during the "Iron Bowl," the annual rivalry game between their two schools.

"After the Iron Bowl we met back up outside the stadium and were in love again for the next 364 days...until it's time for next Iron Bowl game," Courtney Smith said.

So, its only natural that their rivalry would come out during their wedding last Saturday. The couple is getting a ton of attention online over a video of them performing dueling routines from their respective schools at the reception.

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It started with Courtney Smith, who was a captain of the University of Alabama Crimsonettes, performing a routine with her old teammates. She explained this is a tradition on her team.