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Parents Are Freaking Out Because They Say They've Found Glass In Huggies Baby Wipes

Huggies says parents shouldn't be concerned because it doesn't use glass to make the product.

Parents are freaking out on social media after moms began to post videos purporting to show what looks to be glass or fiberglass in their Huggies baby wipes.

One of the first moms to post about the issue was Melissa Estrella from California. She posted her video to Facebook and YouTube, but later appeared to have deleted her Facebook account.

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Estrella wrote that she tested three different bags of cucumber wipes from Huggies, and found what looks to be "glass or fiberglass shards" in the wipes.

Other moms soon followed, including Kimberly Miner. She posted that she uses the wipes "all the time" on her two young children, but has lately noticed that her son has been itchy and her daughter was getting rashes.

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Miner posted two videos about the issue. The first is no longer available but had more than 20 million views.

In the video, she said she changed from Huggies to Pampers, and both kids improved. Miner decided to make the video of the Huggies wipes after seeing another video.

In the video, Miner points out flecks in the wipe that are shiny and feel "hard."

"This is absolutely absurd, I am irate," she said.

In her second video, shown above, Miner said that Huggies had retrieved her wipes to test them.

The posts soon set up a social media firestorm, with other moms posting that they had seen the same thing.

One mom posted that after she used the wipes her own hands were "itching and stinging."

Parents began stating that they would never buy the wipes again.

Many said they were extremely upset with the brand.

But other people cautioned that there were many different harmless reasons that the wipes could appear to be covered with "glass."

This post, which is being shared on Instagram, tells parents not to worry because the sparkles are part of the wipes. The author said that if parents and kids are having a reaction, it's probably a sensitivity to the wipes' ingredients.

One person hypothesized that the sparkers might be parabens, a preservative compound.

Other people said it was absurd that people were becoming hysterical over the videos.

As the social media outrage grew, Huggies released a statement saying that there is no glass used to make Huggies wipes.

"Families put their trust in Huggies wipes every day, and all of our Huggies products have been thoroughly evaluated to ensure they are safe," Huggies said in part.

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The company added that Huggies takes the complaints very seriously, and is working with one of the Facebook users to investigate their complaint. The company didn't specify which user.

Huggies also now has a FAQ section on its website about the controversy. The company says the sparkles are a rare result of fibers being combined during manufacturing, and that the sparkles are completely harmless.

Huggies said the wipes are completely safe, and parents should not be worried. "We will not be recalling this product because our product is safe, and poses no health risk to babies," the company said.

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