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This Video Of A Girl Pulling Out Her Own Molar With A Slingbow Will Make You Shriek


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An 11-year-old girl in Colorado just proved she deserves a big reward from the Tooth Fairy after she pulled out her own molar with a slingbow.

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Jason McDonald posted the video of his daughter, Alexis Davidson, pulling out her loose tooth to YouTube last week, and it soon spread across the web.

McDonald is a funeral home staffer by day, but in his spare time works as an alligator wrestler.

He wrote on his blog that he and his daughter were trying to come up with a "cool" way to pull the tooth after it got loose.

They thought about using a pocket cannon, but then decided on a slingbow.

McDonald told BuzzFeed News he decided to film the stunt as part of a challenge issued by his friend, who created the slingbow they used.

At first, Alexis looks a little nervous...

Jason McDonald / Via

But then she just goes for it.

Jason McDonald / Via


She then raises her arms in victory against the vanquished tooth.

Jason McDonald / Via

McDonald said that Alexis was a little scared to try the stunt, but afterwards said it didn't even hurt.

"Her tooth was super loose so we knew it would come out easily," he said. "Once we kinda talked it out and went over how it should work out she was OK with everything. She was super excited after and couldn't believe that she didn't feel anything."

Alexis also challenges other kids to be as badass as her.

When she's not ripping out her own teeth, Alexis also likes to catch snakes.

Some people have commented on the video, claiming its a fake. McDonald wrote on Instagram that their attitude is "haters gonna hate."

"Lol some people will never be happy and that's ok," he wrote. "She is super excited about all the positive comments she got and we gives no F#CK about the haters."

McDonald said he is very proud of his fearless daughter. "Iā€™m super proud of Alexis Davidson for being brave enough to try and she deserves all this success," he wrote on his blog.

He said that they had no idea it would take off so much.

"I've made and sold several videos this summer and knew after I edited the video it could be something cool, but never had an idea it would take off like this," he said.