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    This Guy Has Written Love Songs For Over 120 Of The Most Popular Female Names

    It's (almost) like he wrote it just for you.

    So it’s almost Valentine’s Day and it seems like every girl’s getting a song written about her but you.

    Musician Jonathan Katz has written 122 original love songs — each focusing on a different popular female name.

    From Alexandra…

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    To Victoria.

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    Single ladies, you can find the song with your name and feel like he wrote it especially for you!

    Or you can force your significant other to memorize it and sing it to you.

    Katz, who plays in a band called Angelou, told BuzzFeed News that he got the idea for the project last fall and wrote all the songs in a few months.

    “I was thinking of a way to share my music, and it occurred to me that not everyone who would like to write a song could write a song, especially for someone they loved,” said Katz, who was once on the cover of the Nice Jewish Guys calendar. “The idea grew from there: to share my music by writing music that can be shared and owned by others.”

    He added that some of the songs share themes and chords, but each one is individual piece of music.

    Don’t see your name? No worries. Katz said he is taking requests to expand the collection.

    And for guys feeling left out, he said he has plans to also include male names as well.

    "I would really like to collaborate with other musicians to really expand the collection and grow the project so it can reach as many people of as many genders and cultures as possible," he said.

    See if Katz sang a ditty with your name here.