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This Guy Tried To Kill A Giant Spider And It Exploded Into A Bunch Of Little Spiders


A man from Australia basically lived through a horror film recently when he tried to kill a huge spider and it exploded into dozens of mini spiders.

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Well, OK, it didn't actually explode.

The wolf spider was carrying her babies on her back. When she was smashed with a broom, they went running.

YouTube user Danny Ford, of Hallett Cove, South Australia, uploaded the horrifying video earlier this month.

He goes in for the kill...



And this baby explosion isn't even a rare thing.

All wolf spiders carry their babies with them for much of the spiderlings' early life, according to Live Science.

Female wolf spiders lay their eggs and then wrap them in silk to create a sac. They then carry the egg sacs on their spinnerets until they hatch, according to Live Science.

After the eggs hatch, the spiderlings attach themselves to their mother's back. They cling to her for several days.

Another fun fact about wolf spiders? The female spiders can live for multiple years, but most of the male spiders live for only a year or less. 😪

Good luck sleeping tonight, everyone.