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    A Couple Had Their Grandmas Serve As Flower Girls In Their Wedding And It Was Adorable

    And they totally rocked it.

    When newlyweds Rachel and Patrick Givens were planning their wedding, they knew they wanted to include two very special women in their ceremony: their grandmothers.

    Rachel Givens

    Patrick told BuzzFeed News that he and his new wife couldn't imagine not including their grandmas in their Aug. 8 ceremony.


    "A lot of the wedding for us was about the adventures we're going to have together, and our grandmothers, who have both spent their lives traveling all around the world, are a model for that," he said.

    So, Rachel came up with a unique and adorable idea: The couple had their grandmothers, Renee Ruben and Joanne C. Reich, serve as "flower ladies" in their ceremony in lieu of a flower girl.


    Their grandmothers were a "little surprised at first" at the idea, Patrick said, but were very excited to be included in the big day. And they really got into it.

    Allan Zepeda / Via

    "It was pretty incredible," Patrick said. "I was looking back down the aisle and people were laughing and cheering them on."

    "At one point [Ruben] gave a little kick as she threw some flowers and that really got the crowd going," he said.

    The unique idea made the couple's special day even more memorable, Patrick said.


    "I know they were happy to be part of it, and we were just so happy to have our families - which they are really the starting points for - around us for such an incredible day," he said.