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    Posted on Jun 9, 2015

    This Heroic Pup Jumped In Front Of A Bus To Save His Blind Owner

    Both Audrey Stone and her trusty pup Figo survived the incident.

    A guide dog is recovering after he leapt in front of a school bus to protect his blind owner.

    Service dog Bigo jumps between blind owner and bus. Both hurt but OK. His fur on bus bumper.

    Audrey Stone and her dog Figo were crossing the street in Brewster, New York, on Monday when a school bus approached them, Brewster Police Chief John Del Gardo told BuzzFeed News.

    The pup spotted the bus, and jumped in front of it in an attempt to stop it from hitting them, witnesses told Del Gardo.

    "The dog got hit first," he told BuzzFeed News.

    Hero service dog treated for injuries

    Witnesses said that even though Figo was hurt, he refused to leave Stone's side.

    "The dog wouldn't leave the side of the master," Del Gardo said.

    Witness Paul Schwartz told WBIR that the pup didn't even seem concerned about his own injuries.

    "The dog was being a good sport, really calm," Schwartz said. "He sat with me the whole time. He was limping as we put him on a big blanket on the sidewalk and it started to rain. He let us wrap up his leg without any problem. He wasn't barking or crying or yelping. But he kept pulling toward her. After she was put on a gurney and taken away, he stopped doing that. He seemed a little lost after she left."

    Both Figo and Stone are recovering from their injuries. Stone was hospitalized with broken ribs and other injuries, and Figo hurt his paw and leg.

    The veterinary clinic that is taking care of Figo thanked people for their outpouring of support on its Facebook page.

    Facebook: MiddlebranchVeterinary

    They also clarified the pup's name was not Bigo, as some media outlets had reported.

    Police said the crash is under investigation.

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