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    People Are Trolling England So Hard After They Lost To Iceland

    "What a time to be English!"

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    ICYMI, the U.K. has been dealing with a lot of upheaval lately with the whole Brexit thing.

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    So with all that drama, the last thing the English people probably needed was to be upset by Iceland in Euro 2016. But that's what happened on Monday.

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    Everyone was stunned when they were knocked out of the tournament by Iceland (population: 330,000), an underdog ranked 34th.

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    In fact, the BBC called the loss the team's worst "humiliation" since 1950 and the team's manager, Roy Hodgson, resigned literally right after the game.

    Roy Hodgson resigning is even better with the titanic music...

    Many people in England said on Twitter that this past week has been pretty rough.

    We left the EU, our PM resigned and we've just got knocked out of the Euros by Iceland. What a time to be English!

    They are shocked...

    We've lost the Prime minister. We've lost our triple A rating. And we've lost to Iceland. In four days.

    Unexpected result in the bagging area...

    And humiliated...

    We had a man at the helm that actually prepared a statement in case we got dumped out by Iceland. Think about that for a good few seconds...

    We all make minor mistakes from time to time... #ENGICE (via @zumrundenleder )

    Everyone else, of course, took the opportunity to troll the country.

    and they lost to Iceland. Worst week for England since they made that Beatles movie with Frampton and the Bee Gees

    Of course there were Brexit jokes.

    Sure, England just lost to Iceland, but things could always be worse. Hell, it's not like they just left the EU.

    Lots of Brexit jokes.

    England team now feel they were misled about consequences of letting goals in, didn't think other team would actually win

    "Only England could exit Europe twice in one week," one person said.

    Only England could exit Europe twice in one week. #Brexit #Iceland #ENGICE ⚽️

    "Is Iceland's keeper called Brexit? Because be brought Sterling down to the floor," another said.

    Is Iceland's keeper called Brexit? Because be brought Sterling down to the floor.

    Other people just trolled England for losing to an underdog.

    Some were sore losers.

    And still others were just nice and were happy for Iceland.

    Well done to Iceland. Whole Country had expectations on you and you went behind early but showed grit and nerve. Amazing

    After all, it was a pretty impressive victory.

    And congratulations to Iceland. Our failure and misery shouldn't take anything away from an incredible achievement by a brilliant country.

    And the team had a pretty cool celebration, which all their fans joined.

    This Iceland clapping celebration is awesome, gave me goosebumps.🇮🇸

    Iceland will play France next in the quarterfinals.

    As devastating as it is that we lost, what an achievement for Iceland, they thoroughly deserved to go through. 👏🏼

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