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These Girls Learned The Hard Way You Should Always Test A DIY Face Mask On Your Hand

Lesson learned: Always test a mask before putting it on your face.

Marie Lopez is a vlogger from France who makes videos about beauty, style, and lifestyle tips on her channel, Enjoy Phoenix.

Lopez, 20, is incredibly popular. She has nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers and 1.7 million Instagram followers. She is currently appearing on France's version of Dancing With the Stars.

But the YouTube sensation has come under a ton of scrutiny after she recommended her followers try a DIY skin mask that her fans say is making their skin feel like it is burning.

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The mask is made by combining cinnamon and honey.

But pretty soon, fans began to warn against the dangers of the mask. They said they tried the mask, and they felt like their skin was burning.

"My sister did enjoy the Phoenix mask while I told her not to. Result: She has red patches on the face," this fan said according to Google Translate.

Ma sœur a fait le masque d'enjoy phoenix la alors que je lui avait dit de pas le faire.Resultat : elle a des plaques rouge sur le visage :')

It turns out, putting cinnamon on your face can be dangerous for some people.

As backlash against Lopez grew, her fans soon jumped to her defense. Many girls posted on social media that they didn't have issues with the mask.

One fan wrote that the mask left her skin soft and smelling of cinnamon, and said people just need to try the mask on their hand first if they are afraid of being allergic.

As the scandal grew, users on Twitter had a lot of jokes.

j'ai essayé le nouveau masque de enjoy phoenix a l'acide chlorhydrique et je crois que je l'ai raté..

"I tried the new mask of enjoy phoenix hydrochloric acid and I believe that I missed it."

"My mother after having tried the 'home face mask' of #EnjoyPhoenix."

Ma mère après avoir tenté le "masque visage maison" de #EnjoyPhoenix #enjoymasque

Lopez responded to the controversy by saying that she has tried the mask for years, and never had issues. She added that girls need to have "common sense" and try the mask on their hand first.

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"File a complaint, go ahead. These recipes are as old as the world and in books of grandma recipes," she wrote.

She added that she is "only 20 years old" and is tired of being scrutinized.

So if you're a fan of beauty vloggers, how can you ensure you won't accidentally have a bad DIY result?

Day and two other dermatologists polled by BuzzFeed Life — Michele S. Green and David E. Bank — said people should always be cautious when applying things to their face.

"For the most part, I prefer drug store or department store or cosmeceutical products from your dermatologist because they're actually tested on the skin and they go through certain quality control measures," Day told CNN in 2013.

So lesson learned: Always, ALWAYS patch test.