This Pit Bull Healing From Abuse Wears The Cutest Outfits To Protect Her Skin

    Diamond has had a hard life, but thanks to a new owner, she has been transformed into a diva.

    This is Diamond, a friendly 8-year-old pit bull who has one of the best wardrobes you've ever seen.

    But there is a story behind Diamond's chic fashion sense.

    Unfortunately, Diamond suffered years of abuse, and was in and out of the Fulton County Animal Shelter in Atlanta for years because of neglect.

    The injuries Diamond has endured are horrific.

    Her body is covered with scars from years of fighting. Her ears and part of her tail have been cut off. She was forced to deliver countless litters of puppies.

    But Diamond's worst injury is acid burns all over her body. The burns have left her skin hairless and scarred.

    "Diamond is one of those cases that makes me not want to go back to the shelter," volunteer Neely Conway said.

    Last year, Diamond returned to the shelter again.

    Conway knew that it would be difficult for Diamond to find a new home because of her condition. So she wrote a blog post, hoping that someone would see it and want to make Diamond a part of their family.

    Luckily, someone did.

    A woman named Melinda McGuire saw the blog post on Reddit. After her last rescue dog died, McGuire was inspired to take Diamond in.

    "When I think of the pain that she endured and how sick she was when I brought her home it makes me feel real emotion," McGuire said in a statement to BuzzFeed News. "She makes me cry, she makes me laugh, she makes me realize just how damn lucky I am."

    McGuire wrote that when she first adopted Diamond, the dog's skin would get easily burned because it was scarred.

    So, she grabbed some fabric she had on hand and made Diamond an outfit to protect her from the elements.

    Over time, McGuire made Diamond more and more outfits, and began sharing them on a Facebook page called Diamond the Diva Dog.

    Diamond can go military chic....

    Or cold-weather cool.

    She even matches with her puppy friends!

    McGuire says she hopes Diamond inspires others to rescue their next best friend.

    "There are a lot of incredible pit bulls that are being needlessly put down without being given the slightest chance to prove themselves worthy of a home," she said.