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    Aug 2, 2015

    A Dying Owner Wrote A Heartfelt Letter To Her Shy Cat's Future Family

    The letter was dropped off at the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center, along with a cat named Susie.

    A dying owner wrote a heartfelt letter to the future family of her beloved cat in the hopes of imparting some wisdom on how to best care for her friend.

    Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center / Via Facebook: mcasac

    The cat named Susie was dropped off, along with the letter, at the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center in Maryland in May, the Huffington Post reported.

    Dying owner leaves touching note to her beloved cat Susie's future owner

    Susie was given to the shelter by a man who told the workers his mom had died, and he could not keep her cat because of housing restrictions.

    He didn't give any explanation for the letter, according to the Huffington Post.

    In the letter obtained by the Huffington Post, the previous owner explained Susie is an "unusual" cat that is "afraid of everyone and everything."

    Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center

    "It took her six to eight months to realize I am her friend," she wrote.

    But despite her shy demeanor, the owner wrote that Susie was a loyal companion who loved to be snuggled.

    This Maryland cat's dying pet parent wrote a letter for her future adopter:

    "I hope you enjoy Susie as much as I have," she wrote.

    Susie is still looking for a home, according to the shelter's Facebook page.

    The shelter said that although many people have offered to adopt Susie since her story was picked up by the media, most of them aren't local.

    BuzzFeed News has contacted the shelter for comment.

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