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This Tiny Corgi Hates His Tiny Pumpkin

Bilbo is clearly out of his depth on this one.

A tiny Corgi puppy named Bilbo is going viral after his owner filmed him becoming extremely flummoxed by an equally tiny pumpkin.

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At first, Bilbo tries to throw his weight around.

But it doesn't work. Why, Mom, why?


He tries one last time to get the pumpkin to GTFO, but it doesn't work. Poor Bilbo!

The puppy's owner, Jackie Sullivan, wrote that this isn't the first time Bilbo faced off with his orange nemesis. In another video filmed earlier, he is equally infuriated.

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And he has also faced off against a plastic bottle.

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Sullivan told BuzzFeed News that she actually filmed the pumpkin videos last October, when they first welcomed Bilbo into their family. She recently added more current videos of Bilbo to her channel as well.

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Sullivan said she decided to upload the old videos on a whim a few weeks ago because she thought people would enjoy them. She said it has been surreal for her video to go viral, but she isn't surprised her puppy is now a star.

"Everyone who has met Bilbo loves him, from neighborhood kids, to university and high school students, and random people on the street," she said. "He's a crowd pleaser."

Don't worry, Bilbo, you'll get it next time!