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    Posted on Sep 17, 2015

    A Groom Pulled A Prank On His Bride On Their Wedding Day That Left Her Horrified

    So devious.

    A devilish groom pranked his new bride on their wedding day by having a pair of entertainers dress as waiters and pretend to drop their cake.

    The sinister plot was cooked up by UK resident Joe Cox for his wedding in July. He told BuzzFeed News he and his new wife, Laura, have been together for six years.

    Laura Cox

    Like many grooms, Joe said he was content to sit back and let Laura handle much of the wedding planning. He said this left him with time to think up a way to mess with her on their big day.

    Laura Cox

    He had the idea when the couple were choosing a cake for their wedding.

    "I liked the first one so she chose the second one," he said. "So I thought 'I'll put my own twist on it whilst working away and have time on my hands.'"

    Joe hired a local company called James Entertainments, which features singing waiters, to help him pull off his prank.

    During the reception, one of the "waiters" brought the cake into the party...

    ...when suddenly he was confronted by another waiter. The other waiter, apparently angry, pushed the first waiter and made him drop the cake.

    Laura Cox

    Of course, Laura totally freaked out. "She was gobsmacked and thought her day was ruined, [and our] guests were stunned," Joe said.

    Laura Cox

    But don't worry, the real cake wasn't ruined. Joe had built a replica cake for his joke, which he quickly explained to his relieved bride.

    Laura Cox

    Joe said his wife was very "pleased" with the prank, and thought it was totally hilarious. "We still laugh about it today," he said.

    Laura Cox