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These Grooms Decided To Dress All Of Their Bridesmaids In Wedding Dresses

And it looked AMAZING.

This is Ben and Derii Rogers Wood, a newlywed couple from Wales.

Usually, when two men get married there isn't a wedding dress to be seen at the big day. But the couple decided to think outside the box to include the traditional symbol in their ceremony.

They dressed all 10 of their bridesmaids in wedding dresses, and it looked pretty amazing.

Derii Rogers Wood told BuzzFeed News he had the idea when they couldn't decide on bridesmaid dresses for the women.

He said once he told the women his idea it immediately turned into a friendly "competition" for who could find the best dress.

At the ceremony, the grooms and their team of "brides" made quite a splash. "People just couldn’t believe it," Derii Rogers Wood said, adding that motorists driving past the ceremony pulled over to get a better look.

The idea added something special to the big day. "I think they all loved it because it made them feel like they it was their day too," he said.

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