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A Teen Girl Who Was Nearly Killed In A Riptide Was Saved By Her Selfie Stick

Erynn Johns captured the scary experience on her GoPro.

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Erynn Johns and her family were on vacation on a beach in Nantucket earlier this month when she decided to bring her camera into the water with her to film the waves. At first, Erynn is seen relaxing with her dad, Derrick.


Erynn was able to hang on until she was rescued by a good Samaritan, whom the Boston Globe later identified as Maryland resident Tommy Vach. Her mom and dad eventually also were saved by lifeguards and Vach.

The experience was terrifying, Derrick Johns told the newspaper. “I was a Marine, and I’ve been in some pretty harrowing situations,” he said. “That one was the scariest, because it wasn’t just me, it was my wife and daughter.”

Luckily, he and his family are OK now. Watch the whole ordeal here:

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BuzzFeed News has contacted Derrick Johns for comment.