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This Dad Got His End-Of-Life Wish To Experience His Daughters' Life Events He'll Miss

With the help of a local nonprofit, Charlie Kwentus was able to treat his girls to a night they will never forget.

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Kwentus and his wife, Courtney Beers, began working with a local organization called Annie's Hope, which helps children deal with grief.

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Becky Byrne of Annie's Hope told BuzzFeed News the couple wanted to help their young daughters, 13-year-old Zoe and 9-year-old Maren, deal with their dad's illness.


Recently, one of the girls told her dad that she realized he "won't be at my wedding," and they won't get to do a father-daughter dance.

After she was told about the comment, Byrne said she and other representatives from Annie's Hope came together and decided to give the girls a special memory.

They soon found a bunch of local businesses to pitch in to help the girls have a night they'll never forget.

Byrne said the event had a wedding reception "type of feel," but "it was a medley of a few different life events."


Kwentus said the night was more than he could have "ever imagined," Byrnes said. She added that the family strives to live each day as if "every moment was a gift."

Watch KSDK's report on the special night below.

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