This Woman Finding Out Her High School Crush Has A Hot New Girlfriend Is All Of Us

    "She's a model, and I'm just sitting here in my shitty apartment."

    A woman from New York is making a ton of people laugh after her roommate posted a video of her reacting to seeing her old crush's new girlfriend on Facebook.

    Marian Bull, 27, told BuzzFeed News that she was scrolling through Facebook a week or so ago when she saw that a guy she had loved from afar in high school was in a relationship.

    Bull said her reaction was "Aw man, he's got a girlfriend." As she started reacting to it, her roommate asked if she could film her.

    "It was my very natural reaction, for better or for worse," she said.

    The resulting video is an experience we can all definitely relate to.

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    At first, Bull just can't believe how pretty the girlfriend is. "We don't look anything alike!" she said.

    Like, she's really pretty.

    "It's like her skin is made of silk and it has little sun rays woven into it," she said.

    She concedes, "I'm sure she's a really nice person."

    Bull then realizes the girl may be an actual model. Seriously?!

    "She's a model, and I'm just sitting here in my shitty apartment," she said. "Our heat doesn't even work. I bet her heat works."

    If you're wondering, the girl also does watercolor painting. Love's a bitch.

    But don't worry, Bull said she's not really torn up about the whole thing.

    "I think I was a little less in love with him in high school than the video makes me out to be," she said.

    Bull said the emotions she feels are something others can relate to, but wanted to note that she doesn't hate the girl or wish ill will on her.

    "Jealously is a normal human emotion, but I'm sure she's a really lovely person," she said.

    As for the crush, Bull said they are still friends but she doesn't think he's seen the video.

    "I think it will be really funny if it finds its way to him," she said.