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    Lilly Pulitzer Apologizes For Employee’s Fat-Shaming Cartoons

    "Put it down Carb Face."

    On Tuesday morning, The Cut published an article called "Inside Lilly Pulitzer’s Pink-and-Green Headquarters." The photos depicted life inside the "Pink Palace" that houses the brand.

    However, soon after the article was published, Business Insider noticed some concerning cartoons hanging up in one of the photographs.

    pics of Lilly Pulitzer offices but LP staff forgot to take down fat-shaming cartoons on fridge

    The first cartoon reads, "Just another day of...Fat, White, and Hideous. You should probably just kill yourself..." The other ones say "Put It Down Carb Face" and "I'm Just Saying."

    Some people speculated that the cartoons were hanging up in the office, or even on the fridge.

    However, The Cut soon added to the photo's caption that the cartoons were "an employee's personal illustrations at her cubicle."

    Amy Lombard, the article's author, told BuzzFeed News that the picture was taken in an employee's office.

    "This was basically like a mood board of textiles, photos, drawings etc.," she said.

    Lombard later posted a photo of the cartoons on Instagram with the caption "presenting without comment."

    Naturally, people on Twitter are pretty upset.

    Really disappointed in the staff at @LillyPulitzer #notcool

    Especially Lilly fans.

    So @LillyPulitzer I'm hoping this isn't true. I've been a customer for years, and have always worn your largest size

    They are accusing Lilly of being "hateful."

    Woah wtf @LillyPulitzer!! Why so hateful "Photo 10" via @thecut

    Lilly Pulitzer spokesperson Jane Schoenborn apologized for the photo in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

    She said:

    These illustrations were the work of one individual and were posted in her personal work area. While we are an employer that does encourage people to decorate their own space, we are a female-dominated company and these images do not reflect our values. We apologize for any harm this may have caused.

    H/t: Business Insider.

    The article was published on Tuesday. A previous version of this post incorrectly stated the article was published on Monday.