Someone Is Live-Tweeting The “Every.Simpsons.Ever” Marathon, And It’s Total Perfection

“Eat my retweets!”

1. Starting today thru September 1st, FXX will air every Simpsons episode (and the movie) back-to-back.

This can’t be happening! It’s just too good to be true!

2. While the marathon itself will make history, the network decided to raise the bar by live-tweeting. ALL OF IT.

4. Basically.

5. And when it comes to sharing your favorite Simpsons quotes, @EverySimpsons takes the cake… err, donut.

“You made me bleed my own blood." -Nelson #EverySimpsonsEver

— Every.Simpsons.Ever (@EverySimpsons)

"If TV has taught me anything, it's that miracles always happen to poor kids on Christmas." -Bart #EverySimpsonsEver

— Every.Simpsons.Ever (@EverySimpsons)

"These tests will have no effect on your grades. They merely determine your future social status and financial success." -Mrs. Krabappel

— Every.Simpsons.Ever (@EverySimpsons)


— Every.Simpsons.Ever (@EverySimpsons)

10. They are even encouraging viewers to submit their own #SimpsonsSelfies for the chance to win awesome prize packages!

Explaining my dogs origin story with a Buzz Cola #TwiceTheSugarTwiceTheCaffeine #SimpsonsSelfie #EverySimpsonsEver

— Ugh...Grumble (@UghGrumble)

11. So sit back, crack open a Duff (or two) and enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Ralph, a Duff, and @EverySimpsons Marathon....the perfect day. #SimpsonsSelfie

— Matt G (@MattG2484)

13. And don’t forget the donuts!

Donuts will rise in price after everyone becomes obsessed with The Simpsons..... again. #EverySimpsonsEver

— The Fan's Podcast (@TheFansPodcast)

Sounds about right.

“But now it’s time to say good-bye. Please get off my property until next year.” -Mr. Burns #EverySimpsonsEver

— Every.Simpsons.Ever (@EverySimpsons)

16. Very well, then.

Check out the marathon schedule here!

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