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    31 Things From Wayfair That’ll Help Improve Your WFH Setup

    Working from home never looked (or felt) this good.

    1. A desk organizer with a spot for the cutest little succulent to add a touch of greenery to your setup. Fun fact: bringing some foliage to your workplace can increase productivity by up to 15 percent.

    The desktop organizer with succulent

    2. A desktop drawer that will keep your space organized and clutter-free while still providing tons of storage. "Out of sight, out of mind"—I say to all the clutter around the house when I close my eyes.

    The pink drawer

    3. A Nespresso machine because your WFH setup would not be complete without a coffee machine, am I right? I'm right.

    The Nespresso machine with a glass mug full of coffee

    4. A computer monitor stand so you can have your screen at a comfortable eye level, relieving any neck pain you may get from bad posture. By the way.. roll your shoulders back. Ahh, doesn't that feel better?

    The desktop standing under an iMac

    5. A UV light sterilizer box to sanitize all of your belongings after your workday. Sure, you're at home but at this point of the year, we all have become germaphobes, and that's honestly okay with me. Just add your things, like glasses, keys, or phone, press the button and it'll sanitize in five minutes!

    The sanitizer box on a desk

    6. An adjustable laptop cart because we don't all have designated office spaces. Sometimes all we need is a little surface to put our laptop on while we play Criminal Minds in the background in the living room.

    The laptop stand in a bedroom

    7. A brass desk lamp from Novogratz that will provide ample lighting for work while simultaneously taking up minimal space. Plus, it just looks so ~sleek~.

    The brass desk lamp next to a laptop

    8. A magnetic dry erase calendar to keep track of Zoom meetings and deadlines without freaking out at the last minute when you realize that report was due at 9am and it's 10am now. Honestly, my worst nightmare.

    A dry erase magnetic calendar

    9. An adjustable standing desk because honestly, we just spend way too much time sitting down. My hip flexors are basically on strike at this point.

    The adjustable standing desk

    10. A decorative light box so you can display motivational quotes to keep you going through your day. "You got this!" "It's almost time for wine!" "You can nap after this!" Just a few ideas for you.

    The light box with the words "Make today awesome" on it

    11. A lumbar cushion for the back support you deserve for all of your hard work this week. The adjustable strap allows you to tighten around your seat or loosen it depending on how big the back of the chair is.

    Person is sitting on a chair with a lumbar cushion attached to the back

    12. A foldable laptop tray because let's be real.. we all know you use the Zoom backgrounds to hide the fact that you've been working in bed all morning. These are also great to use on the couch while you watch SATC reruns.

    A laptop tray with a laptop on top on a bed

    13. A wire metal desk organizer set that not only will keep you, well, organized, but also looks so chic. I'm also biased — I love copper.

    The five-piece wire metal organizer set

    14. A glass desk pad to protect your desktop or work surface from scratches. This reinforced glass will not break, crack, scratch, or discolor under normal use. Plus you can write on it which is always fun for a doodler like myself.

    The glass desktop back with a keyboard on top

    15. A humidifier because who wants to sit in a stuffy, dry space? Not me. Plus, this one is a humidifier, aroma diffuser, ~and~ mood light trio so you get a major bang for your buck.

    The humified with a pink light

    16. A magnetic wall-mounted whiteboard to keep track of your tasks, goals, and anything in between. To do: ✔️Wake up ✔️Be awesome. Done for the day.

    The whiteboard

    17. A desk chair because you deserve to have a stylish home office space. You can put the old dining room chair back and spin in your new chair like the adult you are.

    The rose chair

    18. A footrest to put under your desk, keeping your feet and legs slightly elevated off the floor for better posture and less strain.

    A footrest under a desk

    19. A vertical filing cabinet that is waaay prettier than those ugly beige metal ones we all know too well.

    The white filing cabinet with three drawers

    20. An etegeré bookcase to keep your home office organized, but also have it really feel like a true office space.

    The bookcase

    21. A printer stand so you don't have to constantly be printing papers on the floor of your workspace. It's honestly a game-changer to elevate your printer, trust me.

    The light wood printer stand with two shelves

    22. A wastebasket to keep your trash in one place instead of the corner of your office while you convince yourself you'll "bring it to the kitchen later." Spoiler alert: you'll forget again.

    A black wastebasket

    23. A three-tier cart to keep your office supplies neatly organized and your desk clear for maximum work performance, probably. You can even use it as a coffee cart for your home office! The possibilities are ~endless~.

    A grey three tier cart with books and decor inside

    24. A eucalyptus plant that will add some greenery to your minimal space without feeling too overcrowded. Sometimes less really is more, unless we're talking about donuts.

    The plant

    25. A desk fan to keep you cool when it's just too hot, but also literally looks like a beautiful piece of decor. Let's just say I'm

    A copper desk fan

    26. A cooling fan for your laptop because we know how unsettling it is to hear that loud fan noise your laptop makes after working on it for a while. I swear it sounds like it may just shut off forever.

    The cooling fan

    27. A simple business card holder that will remind you every day how much of a boss you are for having a business card. Bonus points if you just use it to hold fast-food coupons.

    The metal wire business card holder

    28. A metal pencil cup with a phone stand so you can watch your favorite Netflix shows while getting work done. I mean *cough* focusing really hard on work.

    The metal pencil and phone holder

    29. An LED curved digital table clock that displays the humidity, time, and the indoor temperature of your space. It's functional and also looks so ~futuristic~.

    The clock displaying the humidity, time, and temperature

    30. A carousel pen holder because who needs a lazy Susan when you can have a Productive Patty?

    A pink rotating pen holder

    31. A 12-slot organizer to add some vertical storage space to your work area without taking up too much surface area.

    The desk organizer

    You, being super productive in your new space.

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