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    I'm Not A Morning Person So I Tried All The Hacks For Getting Up Early; Here's What Actually Worked

    One thing worked really, really well.

    Hello! I'm Stephanie and you probably don't know this about me, but I *really* love sleeping.

    If I *had* to choose a bane of my existence, it would be my alarm clock. Every morning I hear the jingle ascend from my phone and into my eardrums. I hate it.

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    Literally me every single morning. 😑

    So for one week I decided I would try different methods on the internet to see if any of them would help combat my temptation to prolong my sleep. The goal: Don't hit the snooze at least ONE morning. Easy enough, right? Here's what happened:

    Day One: The "Sheer Will" method.

    I figure I need a baseline. This is basically where I try with all of my might to not hit the snooze button. It can't be that hard, right? I should be able to just *not* click that little wily temptress of a button.

    The Result: When there is no will, I can absolutely guarantee there is no way.

    Person in bed with a thumbs-down
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    What was I thinking? That magically I'd be like, "Hey, who needs a snooze?! Let's tackle the morning!" — and just somersault out of the bed into my yoga clothes and start exercising?

    Day Two: The "Socially Distanced Alarm Clock" method.

    This method entails that I put my phone away from me at night so I have to physically get up to actually turn off my phone (or hit the snooze) in the morning.

    The Result: I realized I'm really good at walking across the room and...then back to bed for another snooze.

    Person gesturing towards the end of a bed with the text "why did I think this was far enough"
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    Again, when there is no will...there is simply no way. Not even a few steps across the room will stop me from the warm grasps of our cotton sheets on a crisp winter morning, sorry. But, bonus: I got some extra steps this day.

    (I also felt the judgment on this day.)

    A plush
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    Day Three: The "Other Senses" Method

    This method involves you engaging another one of your senses to wake yourself up. For this, I decided to bring my light therapy lamp from my home office into the bedroom. It doesn't have an actual alarm on it, so I just turned it on immediately after my alarm went off.

    The Result: Holy bright light, it WORKED. 👀

    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    The light is supposed to mimic daylight — and it (immediately!) woke me up. My fiancé was definitely not into this method, but hey, it worked for me soo.... *hair flip*.

    Day Four: The "Reason to Wake Up" Method

    Apparently, if you plan something fun to do in the morning, you're more likely to get up and not hit the snooze button. So for this, I scheduled a morning run with my fiancé. (It's something we do often, but not as soon as I wake up.)

    The Result: Wellllll.... I snoozed.

    Person in bed with the text "contemplating my reason not being good enough"
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    However, I only snoozed twice instead of 75 times, so I think that's progress. I basically snooze just long enough to give me time to get dressed and head out. I do think if I choose an activity that is much more fun I'll stay up. I also think I should just make my alarm be the last possible minute before I *have* to get up so I have no choice.

    Day Five: The "Get Physical" method.

    For this method, you should hop out of bed and jump around to a song you really like.

    The Result: I *did* snooze once, but managed to crawl out of bed and get my jiggy on to motive by Ariana Grande.

    Person is dancing next to a bed
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    Such a vibe! It was actually really nice to wake up and listen to something I like. It put me in a good mood for the rest of the morning.

    Day Six: The "Go To Sleep Earlier" method.

    Logic states that if you go to sleep earlier, you'd wake up earlier. It makes total sense. This should be easy peazy.

    The Result: I underestimated my ability to sleep for an excessive amount of time. Instead of an 8-hour sleep, I slept for 9 *and* hit the snooze like I usually do.


    Me, sleeping more than I should.

    Day Seven: The "An Insane Amount of Alarms" method.

    This method tells you to place a bunch of different alarms around the house to force you to wake up and turn them all off. Since we have a two-story apartment I placed one in the bedroom (obviously), the bathroom upstairs, the Alexa in the living room, *and* I even put one in the basement.

    The Result: It worked, but at what cost?? I was so grumpy.

    Person with a thumbs-down in front of an Amazon Echo
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    Do you know how annoying it is to hear multiple alarms go off in different places of the house? By the time I made it down to Alexa, I basically screamed at her. I definitely do not recommend this method if you get annoyed easily.

    The Winner: My light therapy lamp! ✨

    Person holding a light therapy lamp and smiling
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    It was, by far, the best method for me. It woke me up, making me feel immediately alert and actually kind of put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. Huzzah!

    Me, using my lamp every morning now.

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    What's your favorite tip or trick for actually waking up in the a.m. — especially if you're not a morning person? Tell me in the comments!